“PiPuccino” Project

Here is a quick demo of what I have been working on recently with the Raspberry Pi. I’ve created a script that handles other python scripts in a plugin like fashion designed for usage with the Adafruit lcd. Currently I have a weather and stocks plugin that fetches data from Yahoo, a Reddit headlines plugin which pulls the subject of the first few posts in a subreddit, a clock, and a modified version of the SABlcd script I made in a previous post that works with the PiPuccino setup.

I’m hoping to upload the source for it soon once I’ve figured out how to wrap it up nicely and fix a few things. Looking forward to developing new plugins for it as well (twitter feed? sports scores? reminders?).



3 thoughts on ““PiPuccino” Project

  1. Oh, i think i need to get my hands on one of those. I take it the display is controlled wirelessly from the Pi? I’ve got a RasWIK board which can sense light and temp, plus some output, but a message display would be good.

    • I definitely recommend getting one of these; it’s given me more ideas for projects and is pretty easy to setup and use. I have a USB wifi dongle plugged in and I ssh from my laptop to control the pi. I actually just recently saw the RasWIK in magpi and was curious about it. It seems pretty cool, i’d like to get more into wiring.

      • Found the RasWIK excellent (no soldering required) but would like to get more meaningful output than bulbs flashing (hence the lcd). Would be cool to have the lcd wirelessly controlled from the PI (rahter than attached to it) but from doing some searching it looks like this requires a bit of bluetooth hacking? Thanks for your reply 🙂

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